COVID-19 Rules At G&G Auction
We are planning to having most of it outside but we'll have some on the inside to. Just like all the other
business we are working our best to make it as safe as possible. The building will be cleaned before the
auction and after the auction and door knobs will be wiped down and the bathrooms as always been well
clean and disinfectant plus we added some more new rules for everybody.

1. Social distance 6 feet apart at all times if possible.
2. For your protection you should wear a face mask inside and outside.
3. Prohibit customers from congregating inside or outside the business.
4. If you are sick or running a fever please stay at home and notify you doctor.
5. Because of limited seating we will not reserve seats ( First come first serve )

Please help us to help you by following these rules and if you have some good ideas
we would like to here from you. Text me your comments at 913-370-0358 and remember
We are all in this together so please be safe.

Thank You, Auctioneer Ed Gauger