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Lofted Log Cabin   
Log Siding Available for All Styles of Buildinds
Swiss Log Cabin
Lofted Log Cabin, Lofted Garden Shed, Barn, Lofted Cabin, Utility Shed, Portable Garage, Garden Shed
Lofted Barn, Swiss Log Cabin, Economy Garden Shed, Economy Barn, Country Barn .
Lofted Garden Shed
Portable Garage
Rocky Acre Buildings is owned and operated by Jesse and Lillian Hostetler.
They are joined in the operation by their son Ivan. They specialize in the
design and construction of storage buildings. John Mast and his family
specialize in the design and construction of cabins and other structures, as
well as the delivery of the finished buildings.
These buildings are hand made by Mennonite craftsmen at very affordable prices.
Quality Material! - Quality Construction! - Quality Workmanship!
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Jesse Hostetler
Jesse and Lillian Hostetler
and Family
Jesse and Lillian Hostetler
Day at work
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